Waste Management

Pacific Urban Investors is reducing our impact on landfills through resident recycling programs, the specification of durable products that contain postconsumer material as well as implementing waste reduction best practices.

  • Best Practices
  • • Properties are required to offer resident recycling and composting when available through local the municipality
  • • Properties should inventory reusable appliances and recycle non-useable appliances
  • • Recycling programs for paint, resident electronics and batteries should be evaluated and implemented where feasible
  • • Properties should partner with third party vendors and contractors who utilize recycling programs
  • • Properties should promote and utilize existing online resident services such as leasing, service requests and rent payment to reduce paper consumption and waste
  • Product Specification Standards
  • • Recyclable Green Label Plus certified carpet should be utilized for all interiors
  • • In high traffic common areas, carpet tile should be considered vs. broadloom to reduce replacement frequency
  • • 100% recycled rubber flooring should be used in fitness facilities
  • • Janitorial paper products should contain 20% postconsumer fiber and 75% recycled content
  • • Electric faucets and hand dryers should be considered for common area restrooms