Indoor Air Quality

Pacific Urban Investors is improving indoor air quality at our communities by reducing individual sources of pollution such as products that contain harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and by promoting clean air best practices.

  • Best Practices
  • • All properties are required to have a detailed Mold O&M Manual on-site
  • • Air filters should be replaced and/or cleaned quarterly
  • • All properties should evaluate a community wide non-smoking policy
  • • All properties should evaluate non‐toxic pest control programs
  • Product Secification Standards
  • • Low VOC paint should be utilized for all common areas and units
  • • Green Label Plus certified carpet should be used in all interior locations where carpet is specified
  • • GreenGuard low VOC laminate countertops should be used when laminate is specified
  • • Low VOC vinyl and adhesives should be utilized for all interior locations where vinyl is specified
  • • Floor Score certified low VOC rubber flooring should be utilized for fitness facilities
  • • Low VOC sundries such as tile and bath caulk should be utilized by maintenance staff and vendors
  • • EPA approved non-toxic cleaning products should be utilized by all staff and vendors