Energy & Water Conservation

As an Energy Star Partner, Pacific Urban Investors is improving energy and water efficiency through utility benchmarking, fixture and equipment retrofits, and the specification of efficient products.

  • Best Practices
  • • Third-party utility benchmarking is required to track and measure energy and water consumption
  • • Annual third-party energy and water consumption audits are required to identify municipally sponsored electrical and plumbing retrofit opportunities
  • • Irrigation efficiency audits should be performed quarterly to ensure optimal performance
  • • Occupancy sensors are required in all models to reduce energy consumption
  • Product Specification Standards
  • • Plumbing fixtures should be low-flow: faucets and showerheads 1.5 - 2.2 GPM, commodes 1.28 GPF
  • • Energy Star qualified appliances, light fixtures and/or CFL bulbs should be installed in common areas and considered for interior units
  • • High efficiency pool pumps should be considered for all replacements
  • • Cool roof solutions should be considered for all roof replacement projects
  • • Smart irrigation controllers should be considered for all irrigation replacement projects
  • • Xeriscape landscape should be considered for landscaping projects
  • • Electric non-emission GEM vehicles should be utilized when carts are required