Pacific Urban Residential believes being green creates a sensible and livable environment for everyone.  Saving resources and reducing our impact on the environment are concerns for us and our various stakeholder groups.  We have developed the following ESG Objectives to set goals and targets as part of our EcoLogic ESG Program, which was created to reduce energy and water consumption, promote recycling, improve indoor air quality and increase green awareness for healthier and greener communities throughout our portfolio.



  • Reducing the energy, GHG emissions, water and waste consumption at our properties and achieving the following long-term reduction targets:
         - Energy and GHG Emissions - reduce by 20% by 2026 compared to a 2016 baseline
         - Water - reduce by 20% by 2026 compared to a 2016 baseline
         - Waste - increase recycling rates to at least 50% by 2026 compared to a 2016 baseline
  • Tracking and monitoring the energy, GHG emissions, water and waste within our control and identifying low-cost sustainability measures, analyzing capital upgrades and evaluating
  • Evaluating the feasibility of pursuing third-party green building certifications such as IREM CSP



  • Communicating and engaging with our identified stakeholders on a regular basis
         - Investors – communicating with investors and providing regular updates on our EcoLogic ESG Program
         - Property Managers – providing training to our property managers on ESG issues through resources such as the PUR    
           Property Management Policy & Procedure Outline, annual ESG Surveys and internal sustainability assessments
         - Residents – engaging with residents and promoting sustainability awareness by developing and distributing educational
           materials, hosting community-wide events and conducting resident satisfaction surveys  
         - Employees – providing benefits and resources to our employees such as annual ESG training, promoting health & well-
           being through our health club program, and conducting annual career performance reviews
         - Community – giving back to local communities through our PUR Cares program and hosting events at our properties
         - Supplier Partners – interfacing with supplier partners to incorporate sustainable procedures and products



  • Publicly posting our ESG Objectives and reviewing and updating them regularly
  • Following the leadership of our ESG Taskforce to implement our EcoLogic ESG Program and staying abreast of new technologies, updated benchmarking disclosure laws, utility incentive programs, third-party certifications and all other ESG related topics.  

Ecologic isn't just the name of our sustainablity program, it's our philosophy.